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Supports - What supports do you get from your membership of the IGC

  1. Representation at National level with various bodies e.g. DES, NCCA, NQAI, IBEC, CAO, NCGE,  NEPS, AHEAD, IUQG.etc
  2. The Institute  promotes and supports the provision of Counselling Supervision for Guidance Counsellors
  3. An ACTIVE EXECUTIVE working on a range of issues which impact on our profession, e.g. code of ethics, policy, qualifications and membership, adult guidance, professional development, constitution etc.
  4. Professional In-service organised at both National and Branch level
  5. A professional Yearbook and Diary containing vast amounts of information relevant to your work
  6. Guideline”, published three times annually, containing information and articles to keep you up to date and enhance your role.
  7. A Directory of Minimum Subject Entry Requirements for admission to Higher and Further Education
  8. An online NATIONAL COURSE DATABASE- Qualifax, developed by the Institute, recently transferred to QQI, with ongoing Institute input.
  9. A website, providing information on topics of interest to all involved and interested in Guidance with a reserved area for members.
  10. A Calendar of Career Events published annually to assist you with your planning
  11. Local and National Events supporting Guidance Counsellors in their work, e.g. National Helplines, Higher Options, National Conference, local Career events in branches around the country.
  12. Staff in IGC Head Office from 9.15am/4.45pm Mon/Friday that are available to assist you with your queries.
  13. The support and help of your fellow professionals in your work

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